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Show Off Your Feet this Spring

Getting rid of nail fungus is no easy task and with Spring rapidly approaching sandal season is here.

Onychomycosis is a common infection of the nail and affects approximately 6.5-8.7% of the American population. Those that are over 60 years old, diabetics, smokes, patients with psoriasis, and those of a previous history of trauma to the nail are at a greater risk fo

Changes in the nail often include brittleness, change in shape, discoloration, loosening of the nail, and thickening. The complications from fungal infections are more than just embarrassment, but also include permanent damage to nails and even skin infections.

Nail Polish
Thankfully there is treatment available at your podiatrist for this condition. At our office we have different techniques available that will fit your lifestyle including Formula 3 Topical Anti fungal, oral medications, and Dr. Remedy's colored nail polish with anti fungal.

Formula 3 is a blend of natural oils, that will not irritate the skin and also contains Tolnaftate with has been FDA approved for over 50 years. Tolnaftate is a synthetic topical thiocarbamate anti fungal agent that has been shown to distort the growth of fungus. This option is for those who prefer to have clear nails with no polish on.

Oral Medications are used in infections that are no responsive to less invasive treatments and are patient specific.

Dr. Remedy's nail polish is free of harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the nails and are enriched with natural anti-fungal ingredients are are prefect for those patients looking to still paint their nails. It's an affordable alternative to Formula 3, and doesn't compromise the effectiveness, quality or beauty of your nails. This nail polish is available in our office for $14 in a variety of colors.


What Are Orthotics? How Can They Help Me?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular walking pattern. They perform functions that make standing, walking, or running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at with the foot strikes. They offer a conservative approach to many foot problems. 

Most foot problems are due to excessive motion in the joint. Arch supports do not support motion they are best used for cushioning. This cushioning is often not enough for problems such as tendonitis, heel pain, ankle disorder, bunions and hammertoes. However, these are easily treated with custom inserts that are used as a motion control device and when customized they provide the proper support for all the bones in your foot. 



The custom orthotics are molded in our office to fit only your foot and provide full contact to provide the maximum control of forces that lead to pain and disability. When your foot is properly aligned your muscles are more properly balanced which can increase endurance, strength and stamina as the body is no longer struggling to correct these imbalances.

It is important for Dr. Reddy to prescribe the right orthotics with the right material. At First Coast Foot & Ankle clinic we guarantee the orthotics and material will be right for you, so schedule your orthotic fitting today. Visit our website for patient testimonials.

While custom molded orthtoics are typically placed in closed shoes, Orthaheel offers sandals with built-in orthotic support that provides relief from common foot, ankle and knee pain. They offer a wide variety of sandals for both men and women and are available for purchase at our office. We carry many styles and sizes in stock.



Numbness, Tingling and Burning Sensations in Your Feet?

These symptoms can be signs of nerve damage and at least 60% of patients with diabetes have some degree of neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is caused when your blood sugar levels are high then normal and this causes the damage to the nerves in your body. 

Diabetic neuropathy also is a good indicator that you may have reduced blood flow to the nerves in your hands and feet. This can results in the loss of sensory ability and also the nerve's ability to repair itself. The most important way to prevent and control neuropathy is to keep your blood sugars closely controlled, get regular exercise and keep your weight under control.

It is also important to remember that the numbness in your feet and toes can lead to other complications. With the loss of feeling in your feet are you are at more of a risk to not notice ulcerations or infections in your feet. It is important to always check your feet regularly and also have regular check ups performed by your physician.

Numbness in your feet may be a progressive process and you may not realize the effects right away. If not treated you increase your risk for ulceration and amputation. There are treatments for neuropathy including medication that can improve endothelial function and maintain blood flow to your nerves.


Donate to Jacksonville
Our clinic will be collecting new and gently used shoes and socks to give to those that are less fortunate in Jacksonville.

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